Game, Movie Lover Whatsapp Group 14 January 2015

Whatsapp Group Forming :) Looking for Gaming/Anime/Movies with friends from all over! self. Make New Friends Here
Are you interested in gaming and discussing various topics with people all over the world? Well look no further. we're looking for people to come join our whatsapp group. At the moment we're 2 people strong and we're looking for people willing to play a game, have a discussion and or mess around a bit. When demand is high enough we will create a dedicated server based on popular vote. The only rule we will have is no religion, due to the obvious conflicts it creates. If you have ever wanted a friendly place to meet new people and hangout with gamers, geeks and nerds. Drop us a message. Let us know a little bit about yourself :)


You can Add Your Whatsapp Number, Just Only For Chat.