Need A Boyfriend Or What: 17 F Australia

Hey! I am a fresh High School graduate and have come to realize that I have lost contact with most of my friends. So, I thought to myself... why not make more? I'm going to be travelling soon so I have plenty of free time before I do. I will probably reply quick!
A little about me... I like gaming, alot. My current obsession is Fallout 4, but don't worry we can talk about any game. My sense of humour is different, so expect shitty puns, weird but dank memes and much more. We can have weird conversations at 4 am, or any time honestly! I am open to discussing current topics, anything!
I use skype, kik, line, whatsapp whatever. As long as we get chatting! So HMU in a PM with your deets and maybe a small description. I am open to meeting all types of people from anywhere :)


You can Add Your Whatsapp Number, Just Only For Chat.