Need A Whatsapp Friend - Canada 16/F

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say....Thank you. My last post got me a great deal of friends who helped me in my recovery. I'm glad for you guys--this place gives me sincere hope in humanity.

I think I'll give you guys a rundown on my situation right now....

*Massively low self esteem from being used for my body by guys online. Self worth also took a huge hit. Very little rl experience, in case you were wondering. Last cammed four months ago, but was camming sexually since I was around fourteen. Two years now.

*My mind isn't normal. I'm a writer, and sometimes my brain gets...overwhelmed with the characters from stories. It's not uncommon for a character's own personality to overpower my own.

*Long distance relationship with a guy I've never met. Yes, we've Skyped, I have his phone number and Facebook account, I know some of his real life friends. His name's Fuzzbutt--not really, of course--and I'd be dead if not for him. He's the reason I managed to quit camming.

*Unfortunately, my LDR with Fuzzbutt has an end date of after we both graduate University. He's American, I'm Canadian. We're high schoolers.....That's an end date of seven years or so. To say I'm scared would be an understatement.

*Mainly due to the camming, I DO NOT trust well or have that great of a viewpoint on men. Nothing personal guys, but....I'm sure you understand.

There, that's basically it. I'm an insanely honest person, so I'll answer any questions. If any of you want the full story or would just like to talk, drop me a comment or PM me. I've got Skype, Whatsapp, and a cellphone for all Canadians.

Now, I should probably try and make a vague attempt at studying for my math test.....

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  1. Good Morning! My name is Frans, I'm a 21 year old South African Graphics Design Student / Gamer/ Writer and a lot more ^^ I love meeting new people - especially people from other continents =P I'd love to chat, so feel free to send me a message if you want to ^^ (+27)79 695 7005

  2. You seem to be a nice person would like to know you better +919702406264


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