Free Voice Calling Feature On Whatsapp Now Ready

WhatsApp is the most used free messaging application in the world, but not it seems that the company is ready to announce its free voice calling feature that will put huge pressure on such rivals as Skype, Viber and others

WhatsApp has been adding some nice new features for the past few months, such as confirmation for read messages or encrypted communication. However, there’s one feature that millions of users have been looking forward to for quite a while now – free calls.

And now according to a fresh report from Dutch publication, it seems that the voice calling function is indeed on the works and looks to be almost finished. However, the websites suggests that the calling feature will be separate from the chat function, as there have been published screenshots showcasing dialing, call logs, and contacts options.

The new details have allegedly been extracted from a fresh build of the app for the Android platform. Despite being separate, it seems that past or missed calls will somehow find way in the chat log, which could hint at the fact that the separation could be temporary and specific to this build only.

Update: If you’ve updated to the latest Whatsapp version (on Android at least), you will find a new folder called WhatsApp Calls. Of course the folder is empty as of now, but what else can this mean?

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