Rich Women And Their ToyBoy: Add Me On Whatsapp

What do rich women don’t have ? They have everything they wanted or money can buy, cars , condo’s ,holidays, properties , jewelleries ,clothes and accessories.You name it , they have it.

They should be happy but many of them don’t find the zest or zing in their life.They have money and lots of it but they lead an empty life , no real friends , an absent partner and an unexciting life.

There are so wealthy and they have these fear of being robbed or kidnapped.They cannot be like any normal person and have a drink by the roadside stalls or cafes.

With all that unlimited money they have , yet they are still not satisfied or happy.They have something missing in their life. Something that is very important in their daily life.It is an intangible thing which money cannot buy , true love.Love her as a real person and not love her for her money.

They maybe be the wife or wives or mistresses of the very rich man.They are are the trophy wives or like the emperors concubines who are not the emperor’s favourite.

They do not have the attention of their husbands or have any male companies and sometimes , they are starved of love , depraved,deprived lonely and bored with life.

They are like prisoners in their own home. Though they can enjoy everything the world can offer them , it does not come without a very high price.

They lose their personal freedom and become like slaves to their man.They are at the beck and call of their fastidious master .They need to look their very best every time they have to serve their masters. Most of their free time is spent in the spa’s,boutiques, beauty treatment centers and hair saloons.

For those women who are rich by their own power,they are in a better position as they are their own masters but they also faced problems like them. They cannot find any man worth their salt to be their partners and so they will hunt for those toyboys.

Young , handsome and smart men who want to enjoy life but who has no inclinations to work hard for it. She pays all his bills and keeps all of him to herself like a pet poodle from the other marauding females like her kind.The final piece in her happiness jigsaw puzzle .

Older men does not appeal to her as they are not so good looking , slower and not virile enough and they may want her only for her money.

Those toyboys do not last long as they are just her playthings only and if she finds them becoming an encumbrance , she will ditched them for another one.

These rich lonely ladies could also be preys to those Casanova’s who con them of their love and money. They video their love making and blackmailed them for their monthly expenses or they would exposed them to the husband.

These Casanova’s would then find other preys and would then enjoy life to the fullest without working.The scumbags of society…

This is my own generalized views only as there are exceptions .


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